The Sporting Life

“The Sproting Life”

By: L.A. Pomeroy

Coco Chanel said of her childhood: “The only happy times were those I spent on horseback. I didn’t know people: I knew horses.” Her signature style incorporated jodhpurs and riding jackets into everyday sports wear and for more that a century, fashion has been the better for its equestrian influences.

Through November 12, the Fashion Institue of Technology’s The Museum at FIT on Seventh Avenue at 27th Street in New York City is presenting “Sporting Life”, a celebration of modern sports garments, including riding clothes presented by Devon-Aire. The Museum at FIT is a non-profit collection with a focus on education and its both a resource to FIT students and open to the public free of charge.

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Buck Brannaman Masters the Art of Natural Horsemanship

“Buck Brannanman Masters the Art of Natural Horsemanship”

By Emily Johnsen

Known for a strong work ethic, a sense of moral responsibility and the ability to navigate vast and treacherous terrain, cowboys are often revered in popular culture. As one with their horse, the all-American hero leads a life of solitude traversing the land and helping those in need. Buck Brannaman is a modern day cowboy who has found his way through a troubled past, who now devotes his life to understanding horses and sharing what he has learned with others. On the road nine months out of the year, Buck travels the country giving instructional clinics to horse owners eager to improve communication with their animals. Although the information and techniques offered in his training are invaluable to many horse people, the life lessons he teaches are inspirations for us all.

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Horses In Art 2011 Cover Artist Winner

Horses In Art 2011 Cover Artist Winner

Ever since the tender age of three, Michelle Grant has been receiving praise for her artistic abilities. Beginning herĀ  journey as an artist with crayons, she has now mastered a variety of adult mediums, including pencil, acrylics and oils.

According to Ms. Grant, the subject matter will determine which medium she uses. She uses acrylics for their added control, oils for their versatility and pencils for their ease of use. Although she enjoys pencils, they can be hard on the body since it is bent over the artwork for long stretches of time. And one area she would like to delve into in the near future is sculptures.

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Sophy Brown In Tune With Horses

“Sophy Brown In Tune With Horses”

By: Corinne Joy Brown

If you’ve never been to a rodeo, you can’t imagine the raw power of the bronco; a horse that is bred to buck! Leaping into the air, kicking, hopping, and spinning, the animal is both a frenzy aand a majesty of motion-mane flying, tail streaming and hooves flailing. Few artists in the West can capture the energy of this equine athlete, but Sophy Brown of Boulder, Colorado, tops the current list.

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