The Forgotten Horses

“The Forgotten Horses”
To unwanted horses, both domestic and wild.
By Equine Photographer: Tony Stromberg
When I published my first book, Spirit Horses, I began to recieve emails and letters from people telling me how much the book meant to them. Many of them were not horse owners or horse aficionados. Rather, they went to work in an office bulding all day, on the phone or in front of a computer. Many of them were not really all that happy and felt a distinct lack of meaning in their lives.
No matter where they were from or what they did, they all shared the same underlying longing, the same quiet tone of restlessness and the same desire to reconnect with something lost…

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Lessons from Kim McElroy

“From the Artist’s Easel with Kim McElroy
The Expressive Horse: Lesson Four”
One of the most important things in a horse painting is a horse’s expressions. Watch horses when they interact with each other and with humans. Study photographs of horses, especially wild horses. See if you can interpret from their expressions the subtle signs of their personality and feelings. They may seem enigmatic, but if you study the expressions of horses along with an understanding of their social dynamics, you begin to see their heads are actually very expresive.

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Equine Angels

Equine Angels Rescue Foals from the Premarin Industry
By Susan Williams in co-creation with Anna Twinney
When you align yourself with people who share your passion, magic happens. Such is the case when two equine advocates Susan Williams and Anna Twinney met. Susan, an equine intuitive artist, photographer and conscious creator at windhorseOne Studios, and Anna, an International Equine Specialist, Natural Horsemanship Clinician, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, and founder of Reach Out to Horses, had much in common. Their combined love of the equine spirit along with a shared passion to educate, inspire, and teach people about the welfare of all equines cemented their friendship. They decided to join forces to make the world a better place for horses.

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Cover Story featuring Cover Artist: Nancy Christy-Moore

“Creative Instincts

Contemporary Equine Artist: Nancy Christy-Moore”

By: Emily Johnsen

Enthralled by their beauty, spirited movements and proud nature, Nancy Christy-Moore grew up captivated with horses. As a child, Nancy collected equine statuettes and filled scrapbooks with pictures and sketches of the animals, but she could never get enough; she was quite simply horse crazy. To be closer to them, she assisted as a local stable seizing every opportunity to ride. Though she never had one to call her own, horses spoke to her in a personal way.

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Return to Freedom: An American Wild Horse Sanctuary by Corinne Joy Brown

“Return to Freedom

An American Wild Horse Sanctuary”

For anyone who has listened to national news in recent months, the plight of wild horses in the West has risen to a new level of public awareness. Aerial roundups have resulted in unnecessary deaths of younger and weakened animals and the holding pens retaining there hapeless beasts are at capacity. Enviromentalists and preservationists protest the roundups as much as BLM officials and cattlemen stand by them, insisting that the horses are a nuisance and have encroached on lease pastures needed for cattle.

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Adrian Landon’s Passion for Metal

“His Passion For Metal”

Sculptor Adrian Landon shares insights on his life, family history and how his keen interest in heavy metal brings his art into being.
Landon started making his equine art in late 2010 after getting sucked into welding and metal sculpting. He fell in love quickly and having always been an atrist he felt a need to create. Quickly he discovered that is was easy to reproduce almost any shape that he wanted and at any scale.
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Fine Art America Launches Art/Photography Contests

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